The capital campaign for the Nordby Exhibit Hall for 4-H, Youth, and Community is nearing the finish line! The Final Brick Countdown is the push for the last few hundred thousand dollars of the building's $4.7 million campaign.

Any donation of $1,000 toward the capital campaign is recognized with an engraved Sioux quartzite paver located in the new exhibit hall. Multiple bricks can be created for one donor - for example, a donation of $3,000 is recognized with three bricks.

To celebrate major donors, each individual donor who provides or has provided a gift of $1,000 or more will be entered in a drawing for these prizes:

  • Two VIP tickets to a grandstand concert of choice
  • Complementary on-grounds camping space for one week
  • VIP parking for one week
  • Complementary carnival pass

The drawing will take place after the campaign’s goal has been reached. The prizes are redeemable for the 2017 State Fair.  Gifts of any size are welcomed! Click the button download a brochure with donation form.

Construction Is Completed!



The South Dakota State Fair Foundation was created in 1992 with a mission to support activities designed to enhance, improve, expand and continue the South Dakota State Fair. As part of that mission, the State Fair Foundation has embarked on an important venture to further strengthen the State Fair's future. Its first capital campaign, "Building a Showcase for 4-H, Youth, and Community" has been launched to replace its largest non-animal building on the fairgrounds, Clover Hall.

The Nordby Exhibit Hall for 4-H, Youth, and Community

New 4-H Exhibit Hall

The campaign is raising $4.7 million to construct the Nordby Exhibit Hall for 4-H, Youth and Community. This versatile, open-layout building replaces Clover Hall, which had been utilized since the 1950's for 4-H exhibits and competitions.

The 48,000-square-foot exhibit hall features:

  • More than 30,000 square feet of exhibit space
  • Multiple classrooms
  • A versatile conference room/work room, available for activities during the fair and in the off-season
  • a large kitchen for 4-H Special Foods competitions and year-round concessions
  • year-round office space for the State Fair staff

Join Us! Support the future of the State Fair and 4-H.

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Download Red Brochure
with Donation/Brick Form

4-H, the largest youth development organization in the nation, has nearly 9,000 members within South Dakota.

4-H Youth

Those in the Huron area will enjoy an additional exhibit hall in the community for events in the off-season, which will also create added revenues for the State Fair.

The State Fair has long been a tradition for family and friends, with the first fair taking place in Huron in 1885. Each year, people come together to enjoy delicious food, great music, 4-H exhibits and shows, pivotal political debates, talent shows, carnival rides, machinery and camper tours, seminars, vendor and informational booths, and to celebrate all the things that make South Dakota a wonderful state. State Fair attendance has been on the rise since 2006, with more than 210,000 visitors in 2015, and with that has come increased revenues for the grounds.

4-H, the largest youth development organization in the nation, has nearly 9,000 members within South Dakota. Through hands-on experience, 4-H members learn elements of responsibility, community service, teamwork, public speaking, animal stewardship, and a number of other skills. The ever-evolving organization boasted more than 11,000 4-H exhibits at last year's state fair.

With the new exhibit hall, not only is the future of the State Fair fortified, but also that of 4-H programming for the aspiring youth in our state.

To learn more, download the Campaign Booklet

With your help, the State Fair and 4-H will continue to transform youth through leadership development while fostering important family time and providing a venue for us all to have fun celebrating our South Dakota heritage.

Join Us! Support the future of the State Fair and 4-H.

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